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The Angina Plan   The Angina Plan

What does the Angina Plan do?

It aims to

  • dispel common misconceptions about angina
  • increase activity levels
  • reduce risk of further heart problems

Who is it for?

Any patient with stable angina can use the Angina Plan.
It is suitable for frail and elderly people as well as younger fitter patients.

What does it involve?

The facilitator introduces the patient (and a relative or friend) to the Angina Plan in an interview that lasts 30-40 minutes.

This is followed by four, 10-15 minute contacts, by phone or by clinic appointment.

Can I buy a copy of the Angina Plan for my own use?

Members of the public can't buy the Angina Plan directly because they must be assessed for suitability and helped by a trained facilitator.

Ask at your GP practice or local cardiac rehabilitation service if anyone there is an Angina Plan facilitator.

Health professionals can only order the Angina Plan once they have done the training.


The Angioplasty Plan can be used before and after angioplasty.

It's a brief cognitive-behavioural rehabilitation programme based on the Angina Plan.

It will answer your patients' questions such as:

  • What caused my heart disease?
  • What is an angioplasty?
  • How do I get ready for the angioplasty?
  • What will happen to me during the angioplasty?
  • What will I be able to do afterwards?
  • How can I prevent more heart disease?

The Angioplasty Plan includes:

  • Risk factor reduction
  • Goal setting and pacing for activities
  • Stress reduction
  • A relaxation programme on audio CD
  • Dealing with unhelpful beliefs
  • Helps to prevent maladaptive coping

The Angioplasty Plan can be facilitated with no further training by people who are Angina Plan facilitators.

We do suggest that those who are not based in a centre where PCI takes place should forge links with that centre and be conversant with the full patient pathway.

For further details contact Angina Plan Administration.

Click here to download the Angina Plan & Angioplasty Plan leaflet

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